Noi pe WoW

Thursday, May 26, 2005

oh, what a fight!

Right at the border between Durotar and the Barrens, in a bleak, desolate place, a great fight took place. My good friend Stros and my valiant, but somewhat young tauren shaman, were ruthlessly attacked while enjoying the country pleasures. So there I was, minding my own bussines, fishing for toads (now I know why french people eat frogs: they restore more than 60 hp for such a small snack! absolutely delicious), when an evil alliance scum attacked Stros.
Now, everybody would think that Stros, as a smart warlock, PVP flagged, would have his bluish blob-o-pet summoned and ready to defend it's master. Alas, things were not meant to be easy...
(meaning he was petless, a condition also known as "asking to be killed")
Stros valiantly defended against a much higher level, while I healed him and burned the enemy with my holly wrath. And then I entered melee. Great injury did I cause with my fishing pole!
A, what a fight! I kept knocking the alliance scum over the head with the fishing pole (a toad still attached), and the fight was looking good.
However, a quick victory was not for us! From out of nowhere countless allied bastards jumped us.
Ah, what a fight! We were outnumbered, outleveled, and might I say outgunned (although I am happy to say the fishing pole did a marvelous job!), but we kept them outside the Horde territory. At least for a little while. For around 10 seconds. Then we joined our ancestors on the holly hunting grounds.

And thus I end my story.

The journey begins

Ok, many journeys begin :)

And speaking of journeys, am fost azi in sud undeva sa caut umanoizi de omorat sa fac rost de cloth. Si cum mergeam eu asa frumos vad o intersectie. Si unul pe liliac trecand peste (bine, manticora). Zic: cool tre' sa fie sat pe aproape. Merg dupa ala zburator si ajung la aslta intersectie. Intr-o parte era satul nu-stiu-care si inca ceva in cealalt nimic pe indicator. Mentionez ca era zona contestata, adica cum ma pridea alianta cum... Revenind, zic, probail satul e de alianta, mai bine o iau in partea cealalta ca probabil e nesemnalizat asta de horde ca sa nu stie alianta ;) Si merg, si merg, si deja incepuse sa para suspect pe acolo. Si cum mergeam eu mor. Erau langa mine doi dragonspawn, sau ceva de genul, elites de nivele ?? Moment in care macar m-a trimis in cimitir juma' de harta mai incolo langa satul sus numit. Care era de horde. So... follow your instinct! You'll get in trouble for sure :D